Explore New Depths of Role Playing With Aion Classes

Isn’t the thought of getting a chance to play a high quality MMORP game like Aion exciting you? And if you love how you create your characters in MMORP games, and are thrilled by the role-playing function of these highly interactive games, then rest assured that Aion will take your experience of role-playing gaming to the next level. There will be just so much to explore in Aion, which in itself is the greatest thrill about the game.

Aion allows you to start your career in a variety of classes, which are unmatchable by any other MMORPG that you would have had the chance to play. Each of these primary classes having its own set of skills and specialties, even weaknesses, and further allow you to be promoted to higher and specialized classes, which are specific to each class as well. So as you prepare for some action in Aion, you must be having some necessary knowledge about the available classes in Aion, since kicking off your career in a particular class will affect your progress in the game.

Four primary classes, with eight further specialized classes are available in Aion.

: The Mage is the primary class in Aion that possesses the powers of the darker side of the supernatural. This class is relatively weaker in physical strength, but can ravage the enemy lines with overwhelming waves of magic assaults. It has two specialized classes.

: The Spiritmaster is a specialized Mage with a control on elements and air spirits, and is the only specialized class to be able to summon spirits. It is confronted by the judgment of utilizing the right element spirits to create a difference at certain points in the game.

: The Sorcerer is a specialized Mage, which has a control over the elements, that is, fire, wind, water and earth, with a number of other diverse skills, with a capacity to inflict long range damage.

: As the name suggest, the Scout is the most agile primary class in Aion, with a capacity of attacking the enemy with a rapid action. It has two specialized classes.

: A Ranger has a ranged diversity in attacking capabilities, and makes use of traps to cause damage to the enemy.

: An Assassin is the darker side of a Scout, as it is the craftiest specialized class in stealth operations and elimination of targets secretively. Its primary specialty is action without detection.

: The Warrior is a primary class that demonstrates its best in the battlefield and in close range battle. It also specializes in diverse actions in different scenarios and is a relatively easier class to conquer in controlling. It is further specialized in two classes.

: Gladiators are warriors that are effective in close range battle, and use weapons like swords during battle.

: A Templar is also a specialized warrior effective in close range, and fights with a sword in one hand and a shield in the other.

: The Priest is a primary class, which holds spiritual and supernatural powers of healing and self-defense. Having a Priest friend around during battle can be a great help, if you are not assuming the responsibilities yourself. This class is further specialized into two classes.

: The Chanter specializes in healing powers. It is the ultimate buff in Aion, and also has the capacity of fighting in close range battle with a weapon combination of a magic staff, a mace and a shield.

: The Cleric is also a master healer, and has the ability to bring back the dead, and fights with the help of two-handed staves, and a mace and a shield.

Further explore the characteristics and abilities of each power and discover which of them suits you to perform to the fullest of your potential.