Farming Gold Guide For WOTLK Wrath of the Lich King – 1500 to 2000g Per Hour!

With over 11 million people playing worldwide, WoW World of Warcraft stands at the top as one of the most popular MMORPG games out there. One of the biggest markets within the game is that of making gold for your world of warcraft character.  If you are struggling to make gold in the game, this guide will help you to make 1500 to 2000 gold within 1 hour!

Since the release of WotLK Wrath of the Lich King (the newest expansion for world of warcraft), a lot has changed with how to make quick and easy gold in the game. New zones have opened up and new addons have been released which have changed things up a bit on how to farm gold in the most efficient way possible.

However, farming cloth was and still is a very efficient way to farm gold in WoW. Frostweave cloth sells for HUGE amounts (about 25 to 30g a stack on my server)! Tailors pay big gold for those as well as many other professions. Another thing that has always been pretty profitable is that of mining bars and ores (especially now in WotLK). For this reason, I would recommend a mining profession as it is a HUGE gold maker.

Don’t take the risk or waste your money on buying quantities of gold! Too many people take that risk and get their accounts banned in return, don’t be one of these people! Also, isn’t it more fun to farm the gold yourself? If you know the quickest way to farm gold in the game (even quicker than the gold farmers themselves) then I guarantee you that you will not want to pay for actual gold ever again.