Warhammer Online Leveling Guides – A Great Way to Get Ahead

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning is a promising new MMORPG on the verge of release by Mythic Entertainment, the creators of Dark Age of Camelot. This September 1000’s will be logging in for the first time. Launches like Warhammer are always exciting as they open up a whole new world for players to explore. There is a lot of buzz in the MMORPG world that players leaving their current game to join Warhammer when it is released. Guilds have organized, classes have been picked, and the many forums are very active. Could this really be the game to dethrone the king of MMORPGS, World of Warcraft? I think Warhammer will have a good shot from what I’ve seen so far.

Everyone who has played an MMORPG would love to be the first on their server to hit the level cap, which in WAR is 40, but we don’t all have the free time to do it. I think there are some people out there that never sleep, hitting level caps in an amazingly short time! That’s fine for some but for others, I would say I fit this category, it’s more about keeping pace with my friends. Ok, maybe out leveling them a bit, you know have just a bit more gold, or be the first with a mount. That way I can help them out when they need it and I feel good about being tops.

I’ve played games with and without guides and honestly it puts you way ahead of the curve. I’ve gone from being the low guild member asking all the questions, to being quite competitive answering questions. I’ll never have the free time to be at the very top of a server, but having pro hints and tips at my disposal gets me where i want to be quicker. The number one reason I play a game is to have fun and I’ve found better loot quickly translates to just that, a more enjoyable experience.

While everyone will be starting the game at the same level many players already have an advantage. Those who have been playing the beta have valuable experience that many people don’t have. They already know the best places to level, quick gold techniques, the most worthwhile quests, and where to get the best loot drops. This is where a guide from an experienced player will really maximize your leveling experience in Warhammer Online. You’ll know what they discovered through trial and error from day one with a Warhammer leveling guide.