World of Warcraft – Low-Level Farming in Elwynn Forest

Elwynn Forest is my favorite place. Certainly not for the quality of the drops, which are pretty bad, but for the “feel” of it.

When I started playing, not knowing anyone or anything, it felt like Elwynn Forest was a magical place, full of mysteries, dangerous monsters, and wonder… and a bunch of high level characters having a go at it in the middle of Goldshire, yelling obscenities at each other.

Before discovering the wondrous Auction House, collecting the equivalent of a single silver piece of a bunch of dead Defias Thugs seemed like a lot of money. And that’s about what you’ll get if you kill mobs for the cash drops in Elwynn Forest. It’s bad, real bad.

But Mandorall did not go back to his old stomping grounds to part Goblins from their coppers. He went back for the mining.

As far as farming goes, the only thing Elwynn Forest is good for is mining. I’m sure that if you’re an Herbalist, you could pick up loads of Earthroot, Silverleaf and Peacebloom, and with the Auction House prices the way they are, they would sell, but that was not the aim of this exercise.

Mandorall is a miner, and in 55 minutes of farming, he managed to collect… sit down for that… 185 Copper Ores. Of course, being a Paladin, Mandorall has a wicked fast land mount, but even then, that’s an impressive amount.

Conservatively priced, that’s about 20 gold’s worth of ore to sell at the Auction House. If you area blacksmith just starting out, Elwynn Forest is the place for you. The respawn rates on the mining nodes are quick, and there is little competition for them, at least on my server.

So here is the breakdown of what was collected, in 55 minutes of play time:

I guessed that if I had killed all the mobs that I saw – and I certainly could have, Elwynn Forest is no great challenge – I would have collected a lot more Linen Cloth, cooking mats and cash loot, but that wasn’t the point.

I had written an article a while back about low-level farming, and I stated that by running Elwynn Forest an hour a day, 5 days a week, you could easily make 25 gold a week on the Auction House. Turns out, thanks to the inflationary policies of the Central Bank – Blizzard – you can actually EASILY make 100 gold a week doing the same thing.