MMORPG Aion Beta Test Review

When I first heard about the game Aion, I was excited for it to come out. That’s been nearly a year and finally the game is in the closed beta stage. I was able to check it out for the second beta testing event and so far, I’m pretty happy with what I see.

is a visually stunning massively multiplayer online RPG where you ascend to divinity and fight in an epic celestial war. At level 9 you “ascend” and get a quest to get your wings. This quest basically takes you to level 10. This is as far as I got in the beta but it definitely caught my interest.

Getting to 10 wasn’t difficult as there are plenty of quests and they are fairly easy to do. If you’re confused about anything, there is a great waypoint and map system that shows you exactly where to go. Even with the noob areas crowded, it wasn’t too difficult to find quest mobs and items (although you do find the occasionally jerk who tries to “steal” things from you in their rush to get one step ahead of someone else).

My biggest complaint is that the 4-day event didn’t last long enough for me to check out everything.  I wanted to try other classes and explore other areas but I will have to wait for the next beta for that. The appearance of the game is fabulous and it doesn’t have high demands for minimum requirements, making it a good choice for people who can’t play other games because their computers are too old/weak.

It does have a Guild Wars look and feel to the characters but the UI and controls are all pretty simple to figure out which is always a plus.

I love being able to beta test games, especially those that I have been looking forward to for some time. It is important to remember though that beta is not exactly how the game will turn out. I remember the beta of WoW was much different than what WoW is today. There are also often bugs and glitches when playing a beta so if you check out Aion (or some other game) for yourself, keep this in mind when playing.