Best MMORPG Services

You may be wondering what all the hype is about regarding MMORPGs or massive multiplayer online role playing games. While the name itself may leave you confused, MMORPGs have quite a loyal following, and are growing as more people realize the fun and benefit of playing these games online.

Contrary to popular belief, online role playing games got their start in the early 1990’s and have grown incredulously. Last year, in the US alone, these games raked in a billion plus revenue and about 15 million paid and unpaid members hold MMORPG accounts. As evidenced by these figures, online role playing is no small feat!

Many of these games require logic, skill and a solid knowledge of each individual game. Many MMORPG services offer a feature called ‘powerleveling,’ which is basically the option to advance to upper levels of a game by having skilled players or the service itself skip the beginning stages for you. reports that IGXE is a popular MMORPG service that not only has powerleveling for over 24 games, they have extensive virtual assets.

What is a virtual asset? Think of it as the ammo your character needs to take into battle in the many universes they’re sure to encounter. While these virtual assets of gold, weapons, and what not aren’t physically tangible, they’re worth money and are a big deal to MMORPG players. Some sites like IGE provide countless virtual assets for popular games like World of Warcraft.

Players can even exchange or buy and sell currency within the service, which results in real cash trading amongst gamers. Many companies such as Sony are recognizing the power of the MMORPG and are beginning to jump on the bandwagon in promoting this niche favorite. It’s apparent that we will continue to see growth in this gaming trend.