Age of Conan – Priest of Mitra

In the MMORPG Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, there are several class archetypes of the priest. The best one, I think, is the Priest of Mitra. Mitra is based on Mithras, the Zoroastrian god of light and the sun, and serves the same role in the Conan stories. Mitra is thought to be the patron deity of a lot of heroes, Conan himself amongst them (well, Conan worships Crom more than Mitra but that’s beside the point). In the game, the Priest of Mitra class is one of the best, if not the best, at healing and inflicting holy damage.

The first spell a Priest of Mitra learns is Smite. This is a basic holy magic attack by the Light of Mitra, cast for light damage, as would be expected. It’s only a first attack, so from now until you reach second level and subsequent levels, hang back and use healing items and cast Smite from a distance before the enemy has a chance to close with you or your allies. Afterwards, you’ll get a healing spell that gives back a certain amount of HP. As a priest, it’s your job to heal the party, so don’t worry about dealing damage unless you absolutely have to (ie everyone else is dead and waiting to respawn) Really, if you’re doing your job as a priest in the first place this should never come to pass. You should always make sure to keep your party members’ HP high enough so they don’t have to worry about being killed on the next strike by some errant sword blow.

Most of the spells you learn as a Priest of Mitra up to level 20 are variations on the Smite and Heal model. Occasionally you’ll get a few area-effect attacks like Pillar of Light, which attacks multiple enemies. Also, you’ll get one particularly nice spell that increase enemies’ vulnerability to holy damage, after which you can attack with Smite of Pillar of Light (provided of course that your duties as healer aren’t taking precedence)

Priests are meant to be played as support characters. Don’t try to take on the role of fighter. You have a soldier or rogue in the party that’s likely much more capable of that – you don’t see them trying to hold back and cast magic, right? That’s because it’s not what they do. Heal the fighters, attack from a distance when you can afford to get a spell in without risking damage to your own party members and you’ll do all right as a Priest of Mitra. As for weapons, you really won’t be using any except for staves.

Priests of Mitra are the best healing class in the game, even though they may be outranked in other areas by the other priest classes like the Tempest of Set, who can do elemental damage along with healing, or Bear Shamans who simply attack melee. Priests of Mitra should be used mainly in their healing role, and be sure to give them plenty of points to magic.