Crafting in Age of Conan

Success with Crafting in Age of Conan – Get Rich Quick

Crafting in Age of Conan is different than most other MMOs on the market. First of all, you’re going to notice that the speed at which you level up is largely dependent on your gold stash and your dedication to the profession. You need resources for everything and that means you might need to spend a ton of gold to get them. However, if you choose the right profession, start early, and plan accordingly, you can overcome all of the potential issues that might arise.

Starting at Level 20

Start crafting in Age of Conan at level 20 and don’t let up. That is, you cannot necessarily craft that early, but you can definitely plan that early. As soon as you leave Tortage, choose which profession you are going to want to pick up. For gold making, you are going to want to choose between Armorsmithing, Weaponsmithing, and Gemcutting. That is, if you choose Alchemy or Architecture, you won’t make all that much gold.

Second, if you want to be truly effective with how you handle your profession, start harvesting right away as well. Crafting in Age of Conan is almost entirely dependent on the resources every player in the game can gather. This means that you can pick up nearly anything you need simply by training for it in your training zone.

Level 40

When you reach level 40, crafting in Age of Conan officially starts and you can finally start making gold with all that time and money you’ve been investing. But, you need to play accordingly to do so. The crafting in Age of Conan is still largely unbalanced, meaning some professions like Armorsmithing takes a huge amount of time and resources just to complete one tier’s quests, while one like gemcutting only takes a few lucky kills of the right mobs.

Since you chose your profession at Level 20, crafting in Age of Conan should be a bit easier. Make sure you researched what you will need at Level 40 before hand, making a list of all the different resources that are going to be necessary to gather to complete your Tier 1 and 2 quests. The most important thing you can do though is understand what is required of you. If you don’t properly prepare, it might take you a ton more time and money than normal and it will only upset you that much more than necessary.

Crafting in Age of Conan Done Right

When you start to reach Tiers 4 and up, things get much more complicated and much more expensive. Most crafting in Age of Conan requires you to have access to a guild city at Level 70 to continue crafting and that means a whole lot of gold by the time you reach Level 80 – a Tier 3 Guild City costs more than 350 gold to complete and while you’ll have a bit of help, it isn’t an easy thing to get done.

Ultimately, Age of Conan, more than any other game currently on the market demands a huge amount of investment from its players for crafting. If you can effectively put the necessary time and money into the task, you can do very well though.

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