Getting Gold in Age of Conan – Secret Tip Number 1

If you have been playing Age of Conan for any length of time then it is likely that you are becoming increasingly aware that the economy is relatively unstable at this point in time. Items tended to fluctuate in a price making buying and selling and risky. Also quest rewards often don’t match the level of difficulty resulting in excessive grinding for minimal returns. However, this should not discourage you as this is always the case with MMORPG’s. However, there are some important parallels between Age of Conan gold crisis and any other economy of the world. Firstly, no matter what the market conditions there are always people who know how to read the market and profit while others around them crash and burn. For instance, during the Wall Street crash in the late 80s while everyone was frantically selling their stock and losing their life savings there were others who were holding onto their stock and even buying more stock that were heavily undervalued at the time and who subsequently became incredibly wealthy.

Getting gold in Age of Conan is no different. Once you understand market trends (in other words what Age of Conan players want to buy) then you are in a position to become very wealthy. Achieving this entails discovering what sells for the highest profit margin at the trader, figuring out the best times to list items at the trader, and also knowing the best times to buy items at the trader. Like any market items in the Age of Conan gold economy that are highly sought after and low in quantity will sell for the highest prices. Although this is obvious what is not so obvious is that at certain critical points in the week there are high probabilities that certain items will be in short supply and high demand. Obviously, knowing in these times gives the seller a significant market edge and the opportunity to maximize Age of Conan gold returns.

Conversely, it is an all too well known economic principle that when a product (such as an item in an Age of Conan) is saturating the market competition increases and cost decreases. In Age of Conan this principle applies also. Again, the trick here is knowing the market well enough to know which items are flooding the market and which items are in high demand. Once this precious knowledge is attained it is important to know when the best time to list the item is.