Warhammer Online – Sorceress and Bright Wizard Start PvP With 100% Power

Here is a little tip for players with a Sorceress or Bright Wizard in the new Mythic MMORPG: Warhammer online.

You know that you do much better damage in Warhammer online when you have 100% power. The problem is if you try and let this build up in player vs. player combat, you will do gimped damage until it actually builds up to 100%. This can be fix if you time your power to be at 100% BEFORE you actually reach your target in a Warhammer online player vs. player combat.

On my Sorceress in Warhammer online, I use the spell “Surging Pain”. This is an insta spell, so I can actually use it while moving (so you could use it while you run to combat, or you try to avoid combat). The spell builds up 20 power per use and has no cool down either. So you need to use it five times to get 100% power in a player vs. player combat, before reaching your first target. Remember not to spam this to much as it will drain your AP very quickly. You really need to time it well, because if you have 100% too early, you will start to lose power before you get to your target in a Player vs. player combat.

To avoid losing all your power, after you get to 100%, use a spell every few seconds to keep your power at 100%. If you do everything correctly you will arrive at your target with 100% power and about 85-100% of your AP. Happy Nuking!